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  • Amy Whiteman

My First Industry Experience

I had my first proper go at work experience within my industry a few weeks back. Lucky for me it was with an organisation that I have loved and been around my whole life. Surf Lifesaving has been the backbone of my life ever since I can remember, so being able to step into a media role and see how the NSW State Championships ran through different eyes was an experience I will never forget.

The State Championships ran over 2 weeke

nds, the first, 29th of February - 1st of March, being the youth weekend and the second, 7th - 8th of March, was the Senior carnival.

Surf Lifesaving NSW gave me the opportunity to try out many different roles over the course of the two weekends.

The youth weekend had me as a camera operator for the livestream. Both days consisted of heading down onto the beach at 8am, setting up my spot for the day and then trying to cover as many events as we could throughout the day. I enjoyed being behind the camera but it was also a great experience hearing the director in my ears the whole day and listening to all the problems she was encountering and how she handled these issues. So while I was a camera operator I also received a lot of insight into what it is like to direct a livestream. To put it simply, I was not in envy of her job.

Seniors weekend provided more opportunity to experience variation in the work I was doing. I was able to shoot some photos and footage of events, and edit some clips together to send out as press releases.

Most importantly though, on the Sunday, I was given the task of interviewing some astounding women for International Womens Day. Hearing the accomplishments these women have achieved was inspiring, and I am honoured that I got the opportunity to help them tell their stories.

Overall, my first experience working within the industry could not have gone any better. The people were incredible, supportive, and so thankful for my help. I could not express to them how thankful I was also! We have been able to keep in touch with one another and, you never know, hopefully they will need me again some day.

Thankyou SLSNSW!!

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